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The development of new manufacturing systems or the updating or upgrading of existing ones is a risk-laden activity.


From achieving the financial goals - R.O.I - to potential loss of revenue due to inability to operate, to the length of time the overall project takes, not to mention unforeseen changes and change propagation.


We implement a Systems Engineering approach to the project as a whole, including all the internal and external stakeholders, while maintaining a cohesive resource pool of suppliers to deliver system performance, on time and within budget. 


Asset utilization is a key metric - O.E.E. - given the financial implications of the performance of the installed asset base in terms of value added activities and conversion.

Asset lifecycle management along with predictive and preventive maintenance are part of the strategy we deploy to achieve high RELIABILITY of the asset performance level and economic predictability. 


We maintain partnerships with Best in Class companies so we are prepared to deliver results without a lengthy discovery process.

We have done the work so you can benefit from the time savings.

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Born out of a passion for improving work productivity in an equipment intensive environment 


While we are new as a company, we bring to the table 30+ years of mechanical and factory floor manufacturing engineering experience and knowledge.


Continuous improvement and Lean 6 Sigma have been a way of life adopted long ago by the founder through being a practitioner of both approaches in an industrial setting.


Combined business and operations acumen especially in relation to asset reliability and lifecycle management. 


Devoted to connecting proven and emerging technologies leading clients' efforts to achieve the benefits available through digitalization and Industry 4.0


We leverage Model Based Systems Engineering as a tool to capture and manage all stakeholders' requirements, developing system architecture, designing and communicating all interfaces among all project team members, including suppliers. This is the key approach that enables us to achieve results that normally takes extensive and costly traditional integrator's efforts, in a much reduced and cost-efficient manner.


Extensive experience in the development, design, construction and operation of highly complex machines and manufacturing systems; CNC machining and tool and die making 


Project management expertise and experience globally, having lead projects of entire new facilities and technology transfer in the US, South America and Europe 


Have proudly served our country through engineering programs with the Department of Defense to bring reliability and productivity improvements in the production of materiel and ordnance supporting our armed forces.


We believe that high achievements are only possible through collaboration 


Collaboration that starts internally within our team and extends to our always-evolving circle of partners and suppliers.



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